Another Obama Iran Lie – Ransom Full $1.7 Billion, Half Before Release, Half After


There’s a reason why the Obama regime had problems with specifics on the balance of $1.3 billion what they said was paid to Iran after the original $400 million ransom had been paid. That’s because the ransom story, as with everything else the Democrats, particularly Obama and Clinton say, looks much less like the truth and a lot more like an attempt at a cover up.

We were told by Obama, Kerry and State Department Spokesman Kirby that the $400 million was not a ransom. It was an assertion which they later were forced to admit was a lie. Now the lie about the ransom lie, that was part of the greater Iran deal lie turns out to have also been – a lie.

The later payment didn’t exist because the original ransom was for the full amount, all $1.7 billion of terrorist mad money was paid in exchange for the four hostages.

The regime admitted to Congress on Tuesday that the money laundering styled cash transfer to Iran consisted of $1.7  billion which was arranged through Swiss banks and delivered by the US to Tehran.

Representatives of the State, Defense and Treasury Departments held the private briefing to congressional staff who entered the meeting believing they were simply being updated regarding the $400 million. The original $400 million payment for hostages exchange was conducted on January 17th.

We are now learning that also on the 17th, as well as January 19th and 22nd, money was sent to Iran by way of Swiss bank accounts. So half of the $1.7 billion, it would appear, was paid up front and the other half soon after their release, within five days.

Briefers admitted, “The cash payments were four times what has been disclosed and they went through Swiss banks on their way to the Iranians,” and indicated that the cash payments were made because Iran was desperate for foreign currency after years of Western sanctions.

According to one source, “They said the payments needed to be viewed in the political context. First the Iranian nuclear deal was going through, second the Iranian economy was in a difficult state and third the Iranians were in need of foreign currency.”

The source also noted the briefers’ use of the Clinton strategy, citing an inability to remember when asked who requested the cash.

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