Because She’s White Or Right? Anger Over Tomi’s KKK Tweet

Anger Over Tomi’s KKK Tweet

Tomi Lahren is a political commentator for The Blaze. Her “no holds barred” approach to the truth has made her famous. She often takes verbal fire for her opinions. This time, though, some want her fired.

Apparently, Tomi posted a tweet after the Dallas shootings that angered a few who saw it. The tweet read:

“Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ but make no mistake their goals are far from equality.”

Of course, Black Lives supporters got immediately bent of shape over the comparison. How dare she exercise her freedom of speech? How dare she express her personal opinion? How dare she not agree with the BLM agenda? How dare she think for herself?

Apparently, the right to inflammatory speech doesn’t apply to white, blonde women. As a member of the majority, her 1st amendment freedoms get stripped. You only get to say what you want if you are chanting “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!”

Question: Are they mad because she’s white or because she’s right? Yes. I just said Tomi Lahren’s description of the BLM as the new KKK is accurate. Want proof?

Tomi calls BLM the new KKK.

KKK and BLM wearing racially representative colors


KKK- founded in 1865 by Democrats upset about race relations

BLM- founded in 2013 by Democrats upset about race relations


KKK- sought to overturn and replace government laws and policies

BLM- seeks to overturn and replace government laws and policies


KKK- frequently wore fabrics of a color that represented racial preference

BLM- frequently wear fabrics of a color that represent racial preference


KKK- protests and gatherings often turned violent to the point of causing property damage and deaths

BLM- protests and gatherings often turn violent to the point of causing property damage and deaths

While there are other similarities that could be pointed out, this is an article, not a novel. Suffice it to say that Tomi has a legitimate point. The fact that she is white does not make her wrong.

Racism is the result of sheer stupidity. It is destructive regardless of which race is practicing it.

It doesn’t matter what color fist is in the air. The message it sends is the same.

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan


source: US Herald