Amy Schumer Takes Off Her Clothes – AGAIN – This Time For Hillary

What is it with these second and third wave feminists who think that taking off their clothes makes their point for them? Amy Schumer, cousin or niece or some form of relative of New York Senator Chuck Schumer, has been taking off her clothes to make points for quite a while. Last year, she made a contribution to culture being Miss December on a calendar.  This week, she put her bare torso on Instagram in full support of Hillary Clinton for President. (See the actual unaltered photo here.)

Using the hashtag #StrongerTogether, the little Jewess put a caption on her photo with language that is verboten on this family-friendly site.  Needless to say, many of us ladies have a simple message for little Miss Schumer and all the other women who think that nakedness is some sort of political statement.

Yeah, it isn’t.  The human body in all of its forms is beautiful, sensual, and has its place in art and science, but in the world of politics, a lot more gets done when everyone keeps their clothes on.  Women like Schumer do not speak for the rest of us.  They do not seem to believe that women think with something other than their vaginas and ovaries.  Well, there are many of us out here on the fruited plain who DO NOT think with our lady parts, but our noggins.  They are useful for something other than sporting the newest hair style.

Amy Schumer received a lot of heat lately. Earlier this week, she was accused of cultural appropriation for her parody of Beyonce’s “Formation.”

She also sparked a massive walkout during a stand-up comedy show in Tampa where, after bashing Trump and his supporters, nearly 200 members of the audience booed and left the venue.

I guess Amy was unaware that Tampa is Trump Country, as proven by the recent 20,000+ crowd that showed up to a rally on Monday night:

Oops.  Maybe that’s why she’s looking for attention in all the wrong places.

(Sorry for not including the original photo, but there are legit reasons why we can’t.)

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