Americans Have One Word For The Electoral Process, And It Is Not Flattering

Americans have been told over and over again that 2016 is the strangest political year in memory.  Why is pretty simple.  The tried and true of the election system is being exposed as tired and false.  The American people, long suffering under an oligarchy of leadership that has the system set up for their benefit, are reacting to FINALLY having a non-career politician saying the things that we want to hear.  And now, thanks to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the mainstream media has what they consider to be the be all and end all in political confirmation – a poll of 1,060 people – that more or less confirms this.

  • 70% of the people claim to feel “frustrated” with the break across the aisle being roughly even.
  • 51% claimed to feel “some” confidence in the electoral system.
  • 38% have “hardly any” confidence in the system.
  • 10% say they have a feeling of a “great deal” of confidence.
  • 55% report feeling helpless.

But wait, there’s more:

“Few Americans are feeling pride or excitement about the 2016 presidential campaign, but it is grabbing the public’s attention,” the poll results stated, adding, “Two-thirds (65 percent) of the public say they are interested in the election for president this year; only 31 percent say they are bored. However, only 37 percent are feeling hopeful about the campaign, 23 percent are excited, and just 13 percent say the presidential election makes them feel proud.”

Well, if there’s nothing else to be thankful for in this election, at least the people are paying attention and are not bored.  More Democrats than Republicans are confident in their party (29% to 16%).  However, 57% of Republicans think that Donald Trump’s candidacy is good for the party even if his message is different from the established party positions on a whole host of topics.  In each party, about 9-10% of the people polled are not open to a candidate who differs from party “leadership.”

A clear majority in each party, although not overwhelming (63% of Republicans, 60% of Democrats), disapprove of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  But, the crux of the findings:

Voters also don’t believe that either party is receptive or understanding of what rank and file voters are feeling or are receptive to ideas outside of the party mainstream. In the survey, 10% of people responding to the questionnaire said that Republicans are not open to new ideas and 17% don’t believe Democrats are either.

Hence the word RIGGED was used to describe the system as it is.  We the People see that the fix is in and we are not happy about it.

Nayef Jaber, a Bernie Sanders supporter in San Rafael, California, said, “It’s kind of like a rigged election,” and that, “It’s supposed to be one man one vote. This is the way it should be.”

As a side note: the reports of the discontent may well be setting up the narrative that will eventually call for a third party run, something that has always been deadly to the America First cause in politics.

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