Americans Secret Love Affair With The Internet: Media, CIA And More Lose Out

Living through a primary hangover now that New York is over, the day after, this writer saw not much news out there that was actually NEW.  There were a lot of fireworks on Capitol Hill, and Whinin’ Ted Cruz (and his Cuban Commie father) are still broadcasting that he has a chance to be president, but the rest was all pretty much sports and celebrity related, including the Saudis needing to borrow money to make ends meet.  (Won’t get into what happened at the Blues-Blackhawks game, and Andrew Shaw jawwing at the ‘Hawks’ fifth line, uh, the refs since the BlueNote won.)

One item, though, did catch the eye as it confirms a trend that has been ongoing since the old communist himself, the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite, stepped away from the anchor desk at CBS News.

The editorial goes on to discuss the reality of the long haired 70’s heroes of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward from The Washington Post and Watergate fame are being replaced by Matt Drudge and his retro fedora in the popular imagination of investigative reporter tenacity.  Bottom line: the corporate media, mainstream and internet, lie.  Like rugs.  And the rest of the wild west known as the internet, has been busy exposing that fact.  Given the number of people in the country that are online, and using the internet as their primary source for news if they follow it at all, the lies have been exposed.

It’s somewhat a hangover from the old days of corporate media, actually, when a limited few actually controlled the media.  It was a de facto monopoly that has not yet changed.  The message – at least from those outlets – is fairly controlled, and does not include a lot of what is reported by online sources that are using the freedom of the press along with the wild west nature of the internet to report what the mainstream media won’t.  As a result, the mainstream, alphabet soup outlets have been exposed and the American people no longer trust the news as it is reported.  HAPPY DAY!

But, when it comes to the internet, and Americans’ love affair and savvy at the ease of its use and the reality that we have all this information and pictures of cats at our fingertips, there also is a cautionary tale: the internet, like a diamond, is forever.  That is something many Americans found out as they posted all sorts of embarrassing things online only to have employers find the material and there be consequences for thoughtless words and images.  (Just remember, folks, never post anything online under your own name that you would not want your grandmother to announce on Good Morning America.)

Which brings us to the other big news of the internet in the last two weeks.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is most frustrated that people who are users are not sharing as much as they used to be.  Nor are people putting up much in the way of information of a personal nature – and no my friends who are melanoma and ovarian cancer survivors don’t count.  It could be that the novelty of Facebook is wearing off, or that the reality of creepy internet stalkers is frightening.  More likely, though, it is the knowledge that America’s spy agencies – specifically the CIA and the NSA – are actively mining social media outlets for information on all Americans.  As a privacy loving people, in order to keep some things under wraps, Americans are doing the Irish Democracy thing.  We’re just not posting it.

And this is a problem for the internet overlords.  Oh, well.

For the time being, it looks like the American love affair with the internet is going strong, but the people are learning how to go about their business using it without being detected so easily, and how to pick and choose news sources to remain informed about the world around us without being deceived.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

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