Well Known American Criminal Busted Running Arms To ISIS

American Criminal

Well Known American Criminal Busted Running Arms To ISIS

The prime objective of the Democrat Party is to maintain the political gains, what patriots would correctly classify as the devolution under the Hussein Obama regime. That is only going to happen if Hillary Clinton is elected president so they are pulling out all the stops, doing whatever is necessary to see that she is elected to continue the anti-American onslaught.

The Clinton crimes and cover ups are many and now there’s another one to add to the list, one that would have focused a bright spotlight on her activities in Benghazi. In that instance arms were shipped to terrorists plotting to overthrow Gaddafi. Some of those arms were directed by Clinton to other hotspots such as Syria and to our enemies, including al-Qaeda and ISIS.


Court discovery documents that proved unmistakably that Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama were arming our terrorist enemies were seen as being potentially problematic for the establishment in power, so the easy decision was made. Forget the charges, let the arms dealer who was working in cahoots with Clinton of the hook. She hasn’t faced any charges for her role so it does seem a little unfair that the middle man be prosecuted for doing what she contracted him to do. But then again there is that whole above the law thing protecting so comparisons can be deceptive.

Catherine Herridge reports that “Since the US could not sell directly to the Libyan opposition, the contractor, Mark Turi was to be the middle man. Herridge says he got “sidelined” and that the mission “spun out of control arming America’s enemies.” That’s the official version, but it’s more plausible to believe the intention may well have been to arm our enemies the whole time and that Turi was merely a government patsy.

The interview details how the plan was for the State Department to run the weapons using their people. When the shipment arrived in Libya, it was split in half, with half of it being smuggled to Syria. Included in the Clinton emails was a copy of an email between the arms dealer, Mark Turi, and Ambassador Chris Stevens, who would later be killed.

A Clinton email showed her involvement in the plot, with her stating, “FYI. The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered.” Noting that the charges have now been dropped after a five year, multi-million dollar investigation, Herridge notes “This means the Justice Department and the White House will avoid any litigation that shines a light on its efforts to arm the opposition during the height of the Arab Spring as well as Clinton’s emails.”


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