America Surely Headed For A Race War, It’s Already Started


Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has some insight into the current situation in the United States, particularly as it relates to race relations and things aren’t looking good. He wrote an article in April of last year titled “Blacks: Rethink Your War on Cops” which has now proven to have been rather insightful.

With the racial tensions high and the threats against white people being escalating as thugs march and chant in the street and police officers are marginalized it’s becoming more difficult to buy guns and ammos with many supplies sold out.

The host asks Peterson if we’re headed for a civil war with him responding that we’re headed for a race war for sure. Peterson says, “As a matter of fact the race war against white Americans has been going on for a number of years now and it’s just that white Americans have no fought back so a lot of people don’t pay attention to what’s happening.”

He continues, “But you’ve had the knockout games, black people attacking white folks in their stores and businesses, beating them up and robbing them.” He reminds us that we’ve got five police officers dead, seven injured and Hussein Obama wants to blame the guns. He adds, “He still said that the justice system was unfair when it comes to race, which is encouraging more hatred and anger in black people towards white folks and especially white cops.”

“One of the folks that killed a couple of the cops last night, said Peterson, “they ended up killing him, and according to the police chief, that guy said that he wanted to kill white cops and white people because he hates them.”

Peterson adds, “This is being arranged, well not arranged but this environment is being created by the ‘president’ of the United States of America and can you imagine that?”

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