America, PAY ATTENTION! The Important Stuff Always Comes Out At The End

Americans and our short attention spans are going to be the death of this country.  Seriously.  In one specific story – the Hillary Clinton email server scandal – some of the most compelling and downright damning evidence is unfolding in the last week of September, 2016, two years after the story broke, and NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION!


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), he of the sweaty shirts who never wears a suit jacket, FINALLY got somewhere with FBI Director James Comey, and got him to admit that one of the people of interest in the whole fiasco, Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks, actually asked Reddit community for help in altering the email archive entrusted to them by the Clinton machine.  There is archived internet evidence of this activity, and….

And few people seem to be interested anymore.  Aside from a handful of news sites, both traditional media and alternative, who have invested a lot of time and bandwidth in the story itself, not many people are really paying attention.  These are bombshell admissions of felony destruction of evidence, and there are no huge headlines, or trending stories to be found.  (Fox News does have a piece, but they are one of the few mainstream reporting outlets invested.)

In one way, given the news headline of the morning, a true tragedy in Hoboken, New Jersey, and the election intrigue surrounding polls that don’t match reality on the ground, Americans can be somewhat pardoned.  After all, our lives are busy from morning until night, and catching the news headlines is really about all many people have time to do.  However, that does not explain the out of sight, out of mind mentality that is reflected in the 24-48 hour news cycle the mainstream media is clinging to, and the American people seem to follow, even for developing news stories.  (Alternative media sites have extended the timeline even if the MSM people don’t like to play along.)

Human-Hamster-Wheel-3It is a frustration a lot of us who do follow the big stories and ongoing sagas have.  The reality that the follow-up, the end, the finale, that gives the final verdict is so ignored.  It happens over and over with two week conferences, the Olympics, sports playoffs, the Christmas season – all the bang is used up at the beginning, and the people move on.  All the people want to see is the fireworks, not the process in making them.  Not what it takes to get there.

And if there aren’t any fireworks…DUD.

Part of the problem, at least as far as law enforcement goes, and in the Hillary Clinton email saga, the FBI specifically, is that the American people have lost confidence that anything is going to happen.  Will any of the people who so willingly bent, twisted and broke American law go to jail?  Probably not.  And after we all saw the FBI director cave like a cheap tent when it came to indicting the grifter, it is a certainty Hillary Clinton will not.  Despite all evidence that she used the Clinton Foundation as a pay to play laundering device, the FBI didn’t bother to ask her about it.

If that’s the case, why should anyone pay attention?

There is some sympathy for that sentiment.  Why waste time on anger that gets the citizen nowhere.  After all, what crimes Hillary and company committed in this life might be forgotten or finessed while the perps breathe, but there will be no pardon in the next.  It is a small comfort, though, to the people who depend on law and order to be able to lead civilized and peaceful lives.

It is also small dividends to those who follow a story all the way to the end, and keep track for the American people, as life is so full of distractions, work, family, commuting, and other shiny red balls, that a lot gets missed until ten years from now, when a high school or college student decides to write a term paper about the entire scandal.  In the case of the Hillary Clinton server, Sharyl Attkisson, and sundance at The Conservative Treehouse have kept on the story where the mainstream media has failed.

Paying attention is important for a lot of reasons, the largest being that the American Republic requires an informed electorate in order to function correctly.  Getting to the full and total end of any one scandal or major story is one benefit, but there are so many more including finding out just how scandalous and corrupt world leadership really is.  There’s no need to belabor the point about Americans and having the short attention span of a jellyfish.  It is quite well documented.  However, it is worth remembering that the great battles in any story, any classic book, happen at the end.

Do We the People really want to miss that?

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