Amal Clooney – Americans We Should All Be Like Hillary Clinton, Not Trump


Liberals share the common belief that they are better than their “born for servitude,” inferior counterparts, those conservatives, constitutionalists, nationalists, nativists, populists or patriots who represent self-determination and freedom. Anyone who doesn’t need or want to be told by self-obsessed know-it-alls how to live their lives is of no value to those same know-it-all and control-it-alls.

Amal Clooney, the Muslim wife who required that her husband George convert to Islam in order to have her hand and the rest of the package in marriage, is a British-Lebanese human rights attorney. That gives the arrogant narcissist all the tools and false premise she needs to tell Americans how we are to conduct our affairs.

Just as an Indonesian Muslim community organizer is constantly telling us who we are or aren’t, she’s now suddenly qualified by virtue, (or the lack thereof) of her marriage to a guy who recites scripts for a living to dictate to us what we should require of a president. She’s a self-declared expert on what are legitimate “US values.”

She was interviewed by BBC Monday evening, criticizing Donald Trump for wanting to protect America and for choosing to employ walls in doing so. Why, those walls might keep out the hordes of illegals or make things difficult for terrorists from her Middle East home region. Protecting ourselves is so un-American, in her opinion.

She said, “If you actually look at what [Trump] specifically says in that now infamous speech about Muslims, he kept saying, ‘They only want jihad; they don’t believe in our way of life; they don’t respect our system.’”

She continued: “And when he says ‘they’… And, you know, you watch the media coverage afterwards and people should’ve been saying, ‘Do you mean the 1.5 billion people around the world who fit that description? Do you mean the people who are U.S. citizens, who are members of your military, the vast majority of whom are not extremist or violent in any way?’”

Actually he was describing foreigners coming into America, as you well know, Mrs. CAIR mouthpiece, not citizens and not military members, although Nidal Hasan made the point that they should be scrutinized. And most of those 1.5 billion people aren’t coming into the United States; for the small percentage who are, yes – he means them.

She didn’t feel compelled to ask if he meant the terrorists that blew up the airport in Brussels or killed 130 innocent people in Paris or 14 in San Bernardino or the service men in Chattanooga. She didn’t mention the argumentative, non-assimilating and threatening foreigners that we all have the unpleasant occasion to deal with, who demand that we cater to their wishes, including a separate legal and banking system, prayer times during the work day and other accommodations. She should be familiar with the ones who demand special considerations under the threat of legal action.

She also doesn’t bother to ask about the forced importation against our will of uncivilized foreigners and others who might be civilized but whose cultures are incompatible with our Constitution and therefore with the basic most premise for immigration.

She deliberately chose not to ask about those questions, likely already aware of the response she’d get. Instead Clooney just proclaimed that she’s “perplexed” by the success of Trump’s campaign. Yeah, he’s so complicated and the rest of us are too. Why not just give up and go back to Lebanon?

She added, “If, at the end of all of this, he gets beaten by the person who becomes the first female president of the United States, then I think that would send a very positive message from the electorate back to him as to what they really think of those points of view.” She concluded: “I don’t think they are U.S. values.”

A point to remember, Mrs. Clooney, criminals being rewarded for their espionage and treacherous activities with the power and former prestige of the presidency doesn’t reflect American values. Obama has gotten away with it so far, but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Go make your political statement in Britain if you’re so inclined, your opinion wasn’t solicited and isn’t wanted here in America.

Britain’s got enough of your fellow Islamists to have created a major evolving problem. Help them adjust to British life rather than the reverse. Keep your nose out of America’s affairs.

Of course she and her communist actor husband are both Hillary Clinton supporters and hypocrites. They’re rich enough to have forced the locals away from their Italian villa in the pursuit of their own safety and privacy behind their personal estate walls. Those walls, the Clooney walls, are perfectly acceptable. We mere peasants, on the other hand, simply aren’t worthy of protection. She’s decided we Americans don’t get a wall. As she and Obama and Clinton love to remind us, “It’s not who we are.”

I’m Rick Wells – a constitutional conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not a PC; I call it like I see it. – “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter. –  Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at or to receive our posts directly. Thank You