Allen West – Trump Black America Outreach Great Start, Makes An Offer


Donald Trump is reaching out to black and Hispanic voters in a way that no one before him in the Republican Party has done. His straight talk style has produced a question that is hard for many Democrat supporters to counter, asking, “What do you have to lose?”

Varney quotes a couple of Democrat responses, one of which was from Ohio Rep Marcia Fudge who said, “We’ve got to lose the respect of the rest of the world.” Maybe many black voters didn’t realize they had that respect but it is hard to use it to buy diapers at Wal-Mart. A black caucus leader, Rep G K Butterfield (D-NC) called it a “slap in the face,” something he probably needs a lot more of on a quite regular basis, given the pitiful performance he and his party have as their record.

Col Allen West puts an investment spin on his analysis of the situation between black Americans and the two American political parties, saying, “It is absolutely unconscionable that the black community would place all of its political capital and invest in one political party.” He cites the return on the investment such as high unemployment, decimation of the black family, decimation of inner cities, lack of small business opportunities and growth, and the lack of education choice and opportunities.

West continues with the analogy, saying, “You have never had the GOP mutual fund, or investment stock that has really been marketed in the black community heavily since 1964, with the civil rights legislation. So basically what you have people saying is “Just continue to stick with our stock, stay with our mutual funds even though it’s failing, but you don’t really know what these other guys are going to produce for you.”

Varney asks if Trump made the right appeal in the right way. Col West gives him credit for reaching out but says he needs to actually go into the communities. West offers to stand along side Donald Trump on stage in inner city Atlanta if he’s asked to do so. That is a call Trump might want to consider making.

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