Alabama To Protect CONFEDERATE Monuments!

Confederate monument

Alabama To Protect CONFEDERATE Monuments!

Legislators in Alabama have come up with a novel concept. They want to tell the truth about history.

There has been a huge push recently to remove all Confederate markers and monuments from the face of the nation. Never mind that they tell the story of actual events that took place in our country. Feelings are hurt and history must, therefore, be blotted out.

Republican Sen. Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa wants to make sure that history is protected rather than punished. He has proposed a bill that would make it necessary for cities to obtain permission from a legislative panel before removing historic monuments and memorials from public property.

Go figure! Local governments working within the law rather than being run by the emotions of the moment. Imagine the rational thinking that might cause.

Some places have already bowed to the demands of the vocal minority. South Carolina removed the Confederate Flag from its capitol last summer. The New Orleans City Council voted to take down 4 monuments in December. One of the 4 is a bronze statue of a Confederate general.

Confederate monument

Confederate monument

Even Birmingham has mulled the idea of doing away with a Confederate memorial from a downtown park. 4 Confederate flags were taken from the Alabama Capitol last year by order of Gov. Robert Bentley.

Here’s the thing. I will give you the flags on government property. This is the United States of America and never should the flag of another nation, current or former, be flown on government property. The flag that is flown is a symbol of where the loyalties of those adherent to that local government lie. (That should include, however, public schools flying Mexican flags.)

Monuments and memorials are another matter entirely. They are not symbols of allegiance. They are records of history. Their sole purpose is to educate present and future generations about the events that shaped the country in which they live.

Removing them robs the people of their ability to learn from past mistakes or be inspired to do better than those who came before them.

If we truly pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity nation, then we need to provide access to an equal amount of the the truth. All of it; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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source: ABC