Al Gore Doesn’t Get BIG Problem With Global Warming “Causing” Louisiana Floods

Anytime a dire weather related natural disaster happens, Al Gore appears and blames it on “Global Warming.”  That mantra repeated itself in Louisiana this week as floods have swamped the low lands of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  What is most likely the worst complication of massive weather systems up here in the rest of the Mississippi River Valley coupled with their own storms, according to Al Gore, is all man’s fault.

“These kinds of record downpours — that’s one of the manifestations of the climate crisis,” Gore said.

“It is central to the prospects for our future, for the futures of our families and our communities, and the future of human civilization,” he said. “That sounds overly expansive but that really and truly is the case.”

For the sake of Al’s sanity we will refrain from reminding him that a Category 3 or higher hurricane has NOT hit the continental United States since 2005, Katrina being the second to last of them.  Such storms were supposed to get bigger and more powerful with global warming.  Oops.

The problem with Al Gore’s claims this time around is that current research doesn’t demonstrate any such correlation.

“So, the next time you read that such and such extreme precipitation event was made worse by global warming, you’ll know that there is precious little actual science to back that up,” Patrick Michaels and Chip Knappenberger, climate scientists at the libertarian Cato Institute, wrote in a blog post.

Michaels and Knappenberger pointed to two new studies “suggesting that attributing heavy precipitation events in the United States to human-caused climate change is a fool’s errand.”

A new study by University of Iowa researchers found “the stronger storms are not getting stronger, but a larger number of heavy precipitation events have been observed.” But researchers couldn’t attribute such events to man-made warming, instead they wrote “the climate variability of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can exert a large control on the precipitation frequency and magnitude over the contiguous USA.”

Along with solar activity that seems to be decreasing, could the reality just be that we are in a natural cycle somewhere and it just happens that the skies are producing more precipitation?

The earth is billions of years old, and we know from quite a bit of geological, archaeological and other evidence that it has been through multiple temperature changes over its existence.  We also know that volcanic eruptions cause havoc with natural weather systems.  None of that is the doing of man.  And yet, according to the environmentalist nuts, it’s all man’s fault.

That’s not going to help get the gators out of the streets of Baton Rouge.

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