Air France Caves To Iran, Islam

In a sure sign that any vestige of the Church Militant is just not a part of France anymore, the nation’s signature airline, Air France has ruled that women working flights to and from Iran must comply with the Sharia dress code.  From our friends at FrontPage:

The Islamic Republic succeeded in forcing Air France, with the silent compliance of the socialist French government, to force its women flight attendants to comply with Iran’s Sharia law, including wearing a scarf, long trousers (instead of skirts), and wide garments (to hide the shape of their bodies) even though these women would not set foot in Iran and even if they are only in a layover and would not set foot outside the plane. Once they leave France, the female flight attendants have to comply with the dress code of Iran. They are not even allowed to smoke, even though the French men are allowed too.

Air France has told its stewardesses that: ‘Outside the bedroom, women must wear a scarf and a wide and long garment to conceal their shapes.”

Remember, there is more than one way to wage jihad.  Islamists coercing people who are not members of their religion and political system to change their ways, is one.  In this case, the government of Iran doesn’t even want women in their air space in western dress, so they manipulate (whine, guilt, complain) the kafir (that would be non-Islamists) into giving them their way.

That is basically what this amounts to.  And France folded like a cheap tent.

As it happens, Air France has given their flight attendants the option to refuse to be on the flight to Tehran, but any such concession by a western power is taken as a sign of weakness rather than simple accommodation by the Imams and Mullahs, and therefore emboldens them to ask for more.

The case of western women being forced to comply with Sharia dress codes won’t stop with Air France flying into Tehran.  Sooner or later, they’re going to want something else.

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