Absolute Disgraceful Use Of Air Force One! Everyone Should Be Irate!

Air Force Oneepa03477544 US President Barack Obama (L) and Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton (R) wave as they leave Yangon International Airport, Yangon, Myanmar, 19 November 2012. Obama is the first US President to visit the Myanmar which is undergoing rapid developments in citizen's freedom and liberalization. The visit is seen as a reward for the reforms of President Thein Sein, who came to power in March 2011 following the country's first general election in two decades. EPA/LYNN BO BO

Absolute Disgraceful Use Of Air Force One! Everyone Should Be Irate!

Donald trump is criticizing Obama’s use of Air Force One to travel to a campaign event in North Carolina on Tuesday with Hillary Clinton.

Who pays?” Trump asked late Monday on Twitter, noting that Clinton will fly with Obama.


A White House official told a Time magazine reporter that the Obama administration, like previous administrations, follows “all rules and regulations to ensure that the [Democratic National Committee] or other relevant political committee pays what is required for the President to travel to political events.”

Clinton and Obama will appear together for the first time on the campaign trail in Charlotte, N.C. Trump also has an appearance set in North Carolina on Tuesday, in Raleigh.

Trump on Tuesday called the use of Air Force One a “total disgrace.”


Taxpayers should not be paying for Obama to travel around endorsing an unofficial criminal in Air Force One, that is on loan to him. It is not his for personal use like this. Although I can see why he is endorsing her, he is her mentor. Not only has he been able to get away with criminal activities but he has shared his secrets with her on how to do so. I can only hope that we have enough Americans to see through the corruption and change the system. Because electing Hillary as the next president will be the absolute ruin of our country.




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