Adm Ace Lyons – Clinton Obama Changed Sides, Funded, Armed Al-Qaeda, ISIS, MB

Adm Ace Lyons – Clinton Obama Changed Sides, Funded, Armed Al-Qaeda, ISIS, MB

A few weeks ago, on August 21st, Retired Admiral Ace Lyons, former Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet, addressed a gathering of Republicans at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. He began by asking his audience, “Are you ready to take back America?” Following their affirmative response, Admiral Lyons says, “Your presence here says it all. You understand we have not only a constitutional crisis but a national security crisis.”

Lyons asks what our conservative leadership has done, saying, “Our conservative leadership has failed to understand they were given control of Congress to stop the fundamental transformation of America, not to facilitate it. And then, what did they do? They funded all of ‘president’ Obama’s illegal programs. While at the same time ignoring his over fourteen impeachable offenses. This is unconscionable. So, where do we go from there?”

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Admiral Lyons said, “You know we have, as ‘president’ Obama has said, he wants to fundamentally transform America. Well what is it? Well let me tell you. It’s un-American, it’s anti-Western, but pro-Islam, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood. You have to ask yourself, why would an American ‘president’ embrace the Muslim Brotherhood, whose creed is to destroy us from within, with our own miserable hand, and replace our Constitution with Draconian Sharia Law?”

Lyons continues, “Now you understand we have a serious national security crisis. When you have a ‘president,’ who is not interested in America leading, or America winning, then you know the greatest threat to our national security resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We have a ‘president’ who refuses to identify the enemy. It was Erdogan, when he was prime minister of Turkey who said it best. ‘Islam is Islam. There are no modifiers. Democracy is the train we ride to our ultimate objective, which is to make Islam dominant throughout the world.’ He couldn’t have said it any plainer.”

“Islam is a totalitarian ideology,” says Lyons, “bent on world domination, masquerading as a religion.” He goes on to explain he rejects the term “radical Islam,” saying, “That implies there’s some moderate Islam. There ain’t any and you all know it but you’ve got to get the word out.” Admiral Lyons points to the failure of leadership among the West as well as Pope Francis in refusing to support Egypt’s president el-Sisi. He also mentions the insanely destructive Muslim outreach program of Pope Frank and his declarations that Islam is a religion of peace, saying, “This is non-sense.”

He goes on to describe how Obama and the globalists are following the exact prescription for the destruction of a nation here in the United States, beginning with the destruction of our military, including sequestration and social engineering of the military by civilians who are themselves not worthy for military service. He addresses the mental disorder of transgender individuals who are now being embraced by the military leadership.

He addresses the agreement that isn’t an agreement, the Iranian nuke deal which has never been signed. Obama gave them the money anyway, whatever his true motivations were. He notes that John Kerry gave up more than our objectives in his kabuki dance negotiations, “he gave up our honor. He gave away everything that we sought to obtain, and then to keep the Iranians at the table, we had to invent new concessions.” Lyons goes on to talk a little bit about the Iranians.

He describes how Obama’s treason against the United States began even before he was “elected,” that he sent word to the Iranians urging them to not make any deals with the Bush administration because Obama was their friend and he’d make a better deal. That’s possibly the only time Obama has told the truth in 8 years.

While Admiral Lyons believes that the actions of Obama with the Iranians bordered on treason, he says there is no doubt with Libya and Benghazi and the “pathological liar” Hillary Clinton. He says if you take nothing else away, understand that in Libya America “switched sides in the global war on terror. They knew they were funding al-Qaeda militias, the Muslim Brotherhood controlled militias and those rebels in Syria who morphed into ISIS. They provided them training, funding and weapons, there’s no question about it.”

He points to the many shortcomings and failures of Clinton in Libya and Benghazi, many of them due to reckless disregard and cautions his audience, and all of us, that the “pathological liar who couldn’t handle the security of a pissant 13 acre compound in Benghazi and you now want to turn over the security of this great country to her? No way.”

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