Actually Harry, Hillary Clinton Did Kill Her Son, And You Are Despicable, Elitist Trash


Okay, liberal media, here’s your chance to show just how biased and unfair you really are. Back during the Democrat convention they put an anti-American jihadist up on stage who attacked Donald Trump for not wanting to let terrorists into the United States. Our preference to remain in one recognizable piece as a living creature for as long as possible seemed to have somehow offended Khizr Khan’s religious sensibilities.

Trump’s questioning of why the mother didn’t speak, something she has still not done, brought a national uproar in the liberal media, as we all remember. Trump never said anything derogatory about either of the Khans in spite of being attacked viciously in what was clearly a political act intended to damage him.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, or more accurately on one of Harry Reid’s feet and inside his mouth. Reid was captured on video, in his standard almost incoherent mush-mouthed babbling, saying derogatory things about Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of four Americans killed in the 9/11 Benghazi attack.

The Senate Democrat Minority Leader said, “For example at the national convention they had that poor Smith woman come out and say ‘Hillary Clinton killed my son’, how crazy!” Really, Senator Reid? She’s crazy for saying the woman who pulled the security from the compound in which he was working in, located in a terrorist infested area and who ignored 600 requests for additional security measures is crazy to fault her?


The woman who was lied to by Hillary Clinton about the cause of her son’s death, straight to her face in front of his casket and then called a liar by Hillary Clinton when she exposed what Clinton had done is crazy? The Gold Star mom who can’t get a straight answer out of crooked Democrats such as pompous self is crazy to assign the blame where it belongs in front of millions of people who deserve to know what kind of trash populate our government? You, Senator Reid, have the nerve and the lack of decency to mock her and  the death of her some, demeaning her and calling her crazy?

Let’s hear it CNN, MSNBC, and broadcast networks. Tell us how what Trump didn’t say is worse than what your disgusting comrade Harry Reid did say. Better yet, do what you always do, pretend it never happened and cover for the Democrats, your equal partners in corruption. Reaffirm what we already know to be true.

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