Heartbreaking: Abused 4 Yr Old Tells Police Her Name Is…

Abused 4 Yr Old Tells Police Her Name Is…

A heartbreaking story has come to light from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Police there have taken into custody the mother of an abused 4 year old girl. The mother’s boyfriend was also arrested.

Law enforcement officers responded to Cooper-Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center. They had received a call informing them that the medical staff had determined a young girl getting treatment there had been abused.

Her recorded injuries were unbelievable.

  • Deep purple bruising on her bottom, lower back, and legs
  • A black eye
  • Swollen right cheek
  • A bruise on her forehead
  • Healing scars across her back
  • Dried up blood in the corner of her mouth
  • Marks on her wrists that indicated she had been restrained
  • Malnourished

As if that wasn’t enough to tear at the officer’s heart strings, it got worse. When police asked the little girl what her name was, she gave an anguishing answer.


Denen (abused girl’s mother) and boyfriend Reed

She told them her name was “Idiot.”  (Go ahead. Grab a tissue. I won’t judge.)

Authorities were dispatched to the girl’s residence. It was revealed that the abused girl had been zip-tied to a chair as punishment. An older juvenile there told them that the girl was frequently referred to as “idiot” by their mother’s boyfriend. That child, along with 4 others, was removed from the home.

The abused girl and an 11 month old child were placed with protective services. The older siblings were sent to the care of their biological father.

Jennifer Diane Denen, 30, (the children’s mother) and her boyfriend Clarence Eugene Reed, 47, were arrested at the hospital. They are being charged with suspicion of domestic battery, permitting the abuse of a minor, and endangering the welfare of a minor. Their bond has been set at $500,000.

When questioned by police, Denen admitting to witnessing Reed hit the 4 year old with a plastic baseball bat. She also confessed to not seeking immediate care for the girl’s multiple injuries.

Reed claims that his use of the moniker “idiot” was done, but only done in jest.

The accurate title of idiot should be shared by Denen and Reed. Denen is an unquestionable idiot for keeping her children in a home with a physically and psychologically abusive moron. Reed is an idiot for ever letting the thought cross his mind that abusing a child is acceptable.

Let’s just hope that the judge in the case does not prove to be an idiot, as well. These two deserve to be locked up for a nice, long time. And, for the sake of justice, it would be great if they were zip tied during transport instead of handcuffed.

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source: Fox News