Abortion Advocate Pelosi Claims She’s Grabbing Guns For The Children


Democrat politicians are among the most vile, dishonest and hypocritical creatures on the planet. Nancy “Bear Paws” Pelosi was awarded the Margaret Sanger award in 2014 by Planned Parenthood. Sanger was an infamous eugenicist whose legacy lives on by advancing the cause of killing unborn children in the womb.

Hypocrisy is her constant companion as she has often claimed to be working for the children when they can be exploited to advance the liberal agenda. The open borders acceptance and induction of all comers was based upon a “need to do it for the children.” Pelosi held up the gavel when she was made Speaker of the House and proclaimed it was for the children. She used “the children” as a prop for Zika funding, which included more money for the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. Now gun control is for the children.

Although there is no proof that disarming Americans or imposing tighter infringements in any way would keep an additional 90 children per day alive and much to indicate it would cause more deaths, the truth has never been a prerequisite for a Democrat claim. The one fact that Pelosi and her fellow gun-grabbers  insist on ignoring is that constitutionally the issue is not up for debate. The Second Amendment guarantees a right, a freedom that belongs to every American. It is one that she, like it or not, has to keep her filthy, crooked, blood-stained fingers off of.

She’s quite willing to ignore the millions of children killed by her precious death merchants at Planned Parenthood, roughly 700,000 per year. That pace equates to 1,917 per day, which is 21 times the number she pretends to be so concerned about from guns. Noteworthy in her distorted liberal logic, an oxymoron if there ever was one, is the fact that she is citing criminals as the problem while targeting law-abiding gun owners as her supposed solution.

Pelosi and her fellow Democrats don’t care about children or anybody else. They care about advancing their Marxist Party, their power, acquiring money and the successful manipulation to further their agenda.

What she is really engaged in is an assault on our ability to stand up to her criminal organization masquerading as our government. They have hijacked our government of the people and instead it now operates in the interest of and in service to the elites, the global establishment.

We don’t really have a government as outlined in the Constitution any longer. We never will again if Pelosi and her thug Democrats get their way. Toward that end, they are desperately seeking our disarmament, through whatever means and whatever claims are necessary, as she demonstrated.

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