Viral Video: 8th Grader Impersonates Candidates In Hilarious Grad Speech

8th Grader Impersonates Candidates

When it comes to graduation speeches, we have come to expect serious and meaningful  prose. A video [below] showing an 8th grader as he impersonates Presidential candidates during his oration, however, has the whole web crying with laughter.

Jack Aiello was the chosen speaker for the 8th grade students at Thomas Middle School near Chicago. His uncanny ability to nail vocal versions of multiple political figures makes it easy to understand why.

During his speech, which lasted just over 8 minutes, he channels several different people.Jack begins with a spot on enactment of Donald Trump. “Congratulations, you are now getting to hear a speech from the magnificent Donald Trump. And let me just tell you that Thomas has been such a great school. Quite frankly, it’s been fantastic.” The hilarity continues from there.

He then impersonates Ted Cruz. “Let me start by saying this: God bless the great school of Thomas!” The volume of the crowd’s laughter gets louder as he goes on.

Next, comes Barak Obama. Aiello captures the President’s idiosyncratic pauses and points of emphasis.

Not sticking to just the males, Jack also brings in Hillary Clinton. In her style, he calls the teachers at Thomas “champions.” He praises the training they provided. “They’ve given us the skills to get us through sixth grade, and through seventh grade, and eighth grade, and now we’re going to take those skills and apply them to high school!”

Closing out his speech with Bernie Sanders, he solidifies his position as the funniest kid in cap and gown. Aiello performs a perfect rendition of the Senator. He even comments on the high-quality cinnamon rolls provided in the cafeteria. “I do have one improvement for them, though: We need to make them free. Why should students have to pay for their own cinnamon rolls? Doesn’t make any sense. What we need is a cinnamon roll revolution.”

With so much darkness gracing the headlines of late, this video is a much needed ray of lightheartedness.

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source: NPR