Trump Supporter Almost Gives Soros Clinton Thugs What They’ve Got Coming


The disrupting agitators who attend Trump rallies with the sole objective of creating a disturbance and interrupting the event aren’t among the elite of society by any measure despite being used as a tool of the elite establishment. They’re merely below average, invasive parasites, although capable, just barely, of basic arithmetic calculations.

Armed with that modest skill set, they should be able to determine that if push comes to shove they are hopelessly outnumbered. The ratio is something along the lines of 2,000:1 against them in a standard Trump crowd of ten thousand, not good odds for the Soros boys.

That’s the kind of numbers that could land them in a hospital room or a morgue if they push the wrong group of perturbed person’s buttons. Trump supporters are good people by and large who just want to support their candidate, but they are also out of patience with the instigators’ unprovoked attacks as paid agents of the Democrats and George Soros.

There was a time in this country when if someone attacked you there was no second guessing, you instinctively and immediately fought back. Now, rather than defending ourselves, we have been conditioned by the leftists to “dial 911 and let someone else protect me.” That mentality is not healthy and it lets the bad guys get away with many offenses. It is part of the political correctness that has poisoned this nation. The prosecution of victims as aggressors is a tool the left uses to intimidate us into not responding to their attacks. More and more people have had enough of tolerating these assaults. There response is “tolerate this you POS.” This man at the Trump rally appears to be one of them.

Although it’s unknown what is being said, whether one or more of these lowlife punks assaulted or spit on the Trump supporters, it’s clear that many of the people surrounding the action are incensed with the agitators. The one gentleman is aching to give them what they have coming.

The sneering disrupters are using the typical methods of the left, taunting and daring the good, regular Americans to respond. It would have been interesting and sent the proper message to the leftist trash if thirty or so of the Trump supporters had unleashed themselves and pummeled the crap out of this group of soft, morally bankrupt pimples. It would not have been a wise move, as some would surely end up being arrested, put it is what they deserve. There comes a time when the American people have to stand up and say no more.

That’s what the middle class, average American is saying in supporting Donald Trump, “No More.” It’s not a stretch for them to expand that to their interaction with paid thugs sent in to provoke them. If the price of admission for the Soros Clinton agents includes getting the daylights beaten out of them and an even more toothless smile, the tactics may have to be abandoned.

You hear the girl in the first video of the altercation at the rally almost in horror that the Trump supporter responded to physical taunts in kind. They’re used to watching self-restrained Trump people letting the thugs get away with their assaults. That may now be how things work anymore.

The old ways can be seen in the second video. The “turn the other cheek while you beat the snot out of me,” with the police ordered to do nothing by Democrat city leaders approach hasn’t worked out so well in the past. The incident below is from August, in Minneapolis, but there’s no shortage of examples in which Trump supporters have been left to fend for themselves.

If we’re going to be forced to fend for ourselves we should fend to win, and fend together.

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