BLM Is Creating Chaos And Anarchy


Tomi Lahren apparently said a few things that ruffled some feathers in the immediate aftermath of the Black Lives Matters black supremacist’s attacks on the Dallas Police Department last week. They’ll get over it and if they don’t, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be losing any sleep.

As she caves to political correctness on one hand Lahren is striking back with the other, reminding whoever might be nursing some hurt feelings that she is entitled to her beliefs and opinions and as she sees it, BLM is “destructive, damaging and dangerous.”

In making that case she presents video clips of the overt lawlessness in Ferguson in which the voices simply seeking to be heard can be seen turning over a police car and what appears to be a relative of Michael Brown encouraging the mob to burn their own town to the ground.

She asks how burning down their own community, rioting, looting and inciting violence brings about social justice. For those still pondering that question, she offers a glimpse back at Baltimore and their riots. It’s worth mentioning that the supposed premise for those riots has wound up with three trials, no convictions, and pressure for the DA to resign.

She also plays a few disgusting bars of pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon, as more evidence that those who claim the Black Lives Matter agitation isn’t anti-cops are being less than honest. While noting that the Thursday event in Dallas started out peaceful, it’s an exception rather than the rule. These are the same thugs who were disrupting Donald Trump rallies trying to brand him as a racist just as they do the police. They’re paid agitators working to create civil unrest and destabilize the United States. That is all they are. Everything else they profess is a cover they hide behind. They work for the anti-American money-thug, George Soros. Add to that the accompanying voices of treasonous leaders, entertainers and activists and you’ve got a bunch of weak minds begging to be led astray.

She covers the latest actions of this week as well; this dangerous nonsense has to stop. It’s time for these punks to spend a lot of time in jail. If they can’t get along in society, which it is becoming increasingly clear that they can’t, jail is the perfect place for them to be warehoused until they develop that ability, if ever.

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