Lou Dobbs – Ryan Has His Own Agenda


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts as we move towards the Republican National Convention and what he describes as an “irritating noise” that seems to grow louder as we head into next week. He recognizes the source, it’s Speaker Paul Ryan.

Dobbs observes that Ryan is squawking about his agenda, reminding us that it isn’t the GOP’s agenda or Donald Trump’s agenda, it’s Paul Ryan’s agenda, and he’s promoting not the convention, but himself. And now Ryan has scheduled himself to deliver a speech at the convention. He notes the mounting interest his audience has for what a speaker of nine months has to say, reminding us of his past transgressions committed in the interest of open borders, low wages, high unemployment and big profits for his masters.

In almost disbelief, Dobbs describes how Speaker Ryan will pen his entire ten minute speech all by himself. And we can be sure he will slip in some big words into what Dobbs anticipates to be “Ten minutes of pure political melodrama and electricity.”

Ryan has learned how to replace the word “I” with “our” while still focusing the attention solely upon himself. He’s also obviously not warmed to the idea of recognizing the name of the person who will be the nominee. It’s not about Trump and the Party, but about Ryan and the Party and others who might care to join them.

Dobbs notes how Ryan continues to prove himself to be nothing more than an “eager tool of the political establishment,” including the big donors who put him into office. Dobbs notes that Ryan has fallen to only 43% support in his district in next month’s primary, voicing his own opinion that Ryan has become “something of a tiresome, tremendous embarrassment for the Republican Party,” that he’s playing the part of a “dupe to power and fool for all this country to witness.”



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