Obama’s Bet Your Life, Brussels Style – Don’t React, Remain Vulnerable


Now that Obama has gotten the important issues, like sucking up to a murderous dictator and imagining himself a contestant on Dancing With The Stars – Argentina, he had time to get back to the routine parts of his job as pretend “president.” That includes his mission to spread Islam to all corners of the globe in the creation of a global caliphate. The Islamification of America is a top priority.

In that pursuit he must reassure Americans that what he’s doing, importing terrorists as refugees, will in no way bring the same results it has produced in Europe. The evidence to the contrary indicates that he’s full of crap as usual. The question is, will the American people bite and swallow. Of course they will.

Obama is afraid that the prospect of being blown to smithereens might somehow dampen the enthusiasm for his effort to create the North American Caliphate. He assures us that what’s really important is not our own lives, country and heritage but not letting the terrorists he’s forcing upon us win. First we have to engage them in a fight on our own soil, and then we can try to defeat them.

Why is it that we can’t just engage them in a fight on their soil, Obama? America has two great oceans protecting us and there really is no reason to just toss that aside for the sake of one man’s aspirations to become a legend in Islamic history. We don’t care about you Obama, your legacy or your dreams. In fact, we don’t even like you, not in the slightest.

Obama attempts to challenge the American people to do what he thinks is right and once again, informs us of who we are. Americans are weary of this foreigner telling us who we are and how we should act. He’s not our daddy, thankfully, so he can just shut the Hell up. As a foreigner, he has no idea what it means to be an American and as Americans, we couldn’t care less what this effeminate foreigner thinks; or his terrorist surrogates.

The best way to defeat the terrorists is to keep them out of our nation. They can stay in the Middle East, we’ll stay here or elsewhere, but they and their brutal, bloody excuse for a religion aren’t welcome. We’re civilized, they’re not and it’s not our responsibility to change that.

Take a hike, Obama. And take your “motivational” speech with you. No sale.