4-Year-Old Dies After Being Left Alone In Hot Car ALL DAY

4-Year-Old Dies

4-Year-Old Dies After Being Left Alone In Hot Car ALL DAY

A 4-year-old girl is dead after she was left in a hot car in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on a day when the temperature was expected to hit the low 90s, according to police.

The woman who takes care of the girl usually drops the child off at daycare in the morning, Williamsport officials told KTLA sister station WNEP in Scranton.

But on Friday, instead of dropping the girl off, she apparently went straight to work. When she came out at the end of the day, she found the girl unconscious in the car, officials said.

Authorities believe the little girl was in the back seat of the car for most of the day.

The woman did not come out to the car until around 3:30 p.m., according to Williamsport police.

Emergency crews tried to revive the child who was taken to an area hospital where she died. Her name has not been released.


Neighbors say they saw emergency crews arrive, but didn’t know why they had the street blocked off.

“And with today’s heat, it’s horrible, horrible, makes me want to cry, Makes me think of my kids, you know, that would never happen but,” said Bert Briggs of Williamsport.

“I know she is sad and torn, you know, because she lost a loved one because she left the baby in the car. I mean … wow,” said Lonnie Brooks of Williamsport.

The temperature in Williamsport reached 97 degrees Friday. An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.

This story is absolutely a tragic one, but how can you go all day long and never once remember that you have a child in the car? I have never understood this, we are to the point in America that I have seen advertisements that blow me away. Telling parents to put their PHONES in the backseat so that they will remember their children.

phone baby

Are we a nation that is so preoccupied with technology that it comes before our children? Because honestly if you have or even thought of using the phone technique, you should probably just give your child to someone that will adore them in ways that you will not.

Maybe you think my words are harsh, frankly I do not give a damn. Reading that a child is dead after being left in a car ALL DAY seems harsh to me! The saddest thing is in today’s world we have people paying more attention to their Pokemon than we do parents to their own living breathing children.

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