2013 -Trump Pushes For Amnesty, 2016 – Trump Pushes For Border Wall? Mr. Flip Flop For President!



Trumps opening LIE, not line, was we’re going to build a wall to protect our borders from rapists, gangs and drug lords.  It sounds really good to me but I got confused when I did the research on Trump.  He was shooting his mouth off, as usual. to push for the Amnesty bill  two years ago.  He tweeted

Congress must protect our borders first. Amnesty should be done only if the border is secure and illegal immigration has stopped.




FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Tells Illegal Aliens: ‘You’ve Convinced Me’ http://politistick.com/flashback-donald-trump-tells-illegal-aliens-youve-convinced-me/ 

His exact words were, ““We’re going to do a wall; we’re going to have a big, fat beautiful door on the wall; we’re going to have people come in, but they’re going to come in legally,” Trump said at the third Republican debate, hosted by CNBC.

However, 2 short years ago, Trump met with DREAMERS, (the people he said he will “send back”) and in a debate with them he told them the very opposite.  He pulled off, “THE FLIP FLIP “of DJT.

NBC Latino reported:

“Real estate mogul Donald Trump met with immigrant advocates to discuss immigration reform and ended the meeting with a resolution to move the debate forward. Trump met with youth immigrant leaders Jose Machado, Diego Sanchez and nationally renowned Dreamer Gaby Pacheco of The Bridge Project at Trump Towers in New York at the request of Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

He really listened and asked thoughtful questions,” said Machado of the meeting to discuss immigration reform. “We had the opportunity to share our stories and explain why millions of Americans from California, Colorado, Texas, Florida and New York (to name a few states) have come out to say, ‘We need to find a solution to our broken immigration system.’”The Bridge Project aims to link the gap between political parties and connect Americans from across the political spectrum to advocate for immigration reform. The group is currently in the midst of a seven-state tour to gather support for reform.And it seems the meeting was fruitful, shared Machado. Trump told the trio “You’ve convinced me.”

Of course we want immigration reform but the double talk of Trump is upsetting and suspicious. The dreamers obviously have Trump plugged into their reform for dreamers project.  As the Donald said to these reformers who were here illegally until Obama used his magic pen and “made them legal dreamers”, Trump said in his own words, “You’ve convinced me.”

Anyone who see’s a  politician, or businessman changing principals in an instant to please people he’s around should be suspiciously aware of their flip flop.  There should be a big yellow sign lit up in that persons brain that reads,” CAUTION CURVES AHEAD”!

H/T: Soshable.com