2 People Shot 1 Person Dead Targeted Hit Or Road Rage?

2 People Shot 1 Dead

2 People Shot 1 Dead Targeted Hit Or Road Rage?

Shay Lackey, 37-years-old was found dead on the scene of an accident on Highway 21 in Brazos County, Texas. The second shooting victim was Tiffany Sterling of College Station, Texas, her injuries are not life threatening.

46-year-old Kevin Pullen of Bryan was arrested and booked into the Brazos County Jail Monday night.

He has a total bond of $700,000.


Deputies had originally thought it was an incident involving road rage, after investigating they discovered it was in fact a hit. Pullen crashed into the back of Sterling’s vehicle, then got out and shot Lackey who was outside of their car. When Pullen went around to talk to Sterling, authorities state that Pullen says he shot Sterling by accident.

According to a police report, Pullen used a 12 gauge shotgun that he got from a friend and described to law enforcement how he setup to “kill” Lackey. During the interview he states multiple times that he intentionally planned to murder Lackey.

“We’ve determined that all of the three people involved knew each other, so this was a targeted violence,” Said Kirk

According to the police report, Sterling was Pullen’s ex-girlfriend and Pullen knew that Sterling had a visitation scheduled with her children and that she would be accompanied by Lackey.

Because of that, Sheriff Kirk says the public was not in any direct danger. The traffic at the scene was an issue for several hours. Authorities worked with TxDOT to open up a traffic diversion on the east bound side of Highway 21. That helped deputies and investigators continue their hours-long investigation.

“We’ve got a traffic accident that lead to an incident, which leads to a death and injuries, so it’s quite an elaborate investigation,” said Kirk.




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