10 Yr Old Girl DIES Saving Toddlers

Girl dies saving others

10 Yr Old Girl DIES Saving Toddlers

A 10 year old girl named Kiera Larsen is quickly becoming a national hero. Unfortunately, the recognition comes as a result of her death.

The young Lakeside, California resident gave her life on Monday to save a pair of toddlers from being killed.

According to witnesses, 1 year old Adison and 2 year old Emma were playing in their yard when a nearby SUV began rolling toward them.

Kiera was close enough to do something to help. She dove in the direction of the toddlers. Her quick thinking knocked the children out of harm’s way.

Girl dies saving others

Girl dies saving others

Sadly, the girl who acted to save the younger kids, was unable to save herself.

By jumping to move the toddlers to safety, she placed herself directly in the path of the oncoming vehicle.

The SUV hit Kiera with enough force to push her through a fence.

She was taken to an area hospital where she later died from her injuries.

Alissa Jenkins, the mother of the 1 year old girl and 2 year old girl that were rescued, spoke to reporters about Kiera. “She is truly a hero. She saved both my daughters’ lives. These are my two kids that I have and both of them could’ve been gone in an instant and she stepped in and took over.”

“I don’t know how to repay them, repay her,” the toddlers’ father said. “She gave her life for my kids. They’re here because of her.”

Police do not, yet, know why the SUV moved while unmanned. They are currently investigating to see if a malfunction caused the 1999 Mercedes Benz to begin rolling in reverse.

A GoFundMe page has been established to assist Kiera’s family with her final expenses.

Kiera’s story is making national news. She has restored some of the faith in humanity that has been dwindling amid the tensions plaguing our country.The tale of her bravery and self-sacrifice is shining like a beacon in a sea of dark headlines.

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source: 5 News