10 Things Saudi Arabia Outlaws That Western Women Take For Granted

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Women in Saudi Arabia.

This piece is adapted from a Top Ten list about Saudi Arabia.  Couldn’t help it when the majority of bannings had to do with what women can and cannot do.  And please note that this writer is NOT a feminist.  They never can admit this stuff is happening.

Any faith or regime that cannot survive on its own without simply outlawing that which violates its commands needs to be reevaluated by its followers.  Really.  Especially for women.  We ladies of the west enjoy the freedoms that Christianity brought to society when it spread thanks to peaceful evangelization.  Well, mostly peaceful evangelization.  Imagine, though, living in the 21st century without some of our basic freedoms let alone dress, uncovered hair and being able to make up our faces, breached.

Islam, as the Sunni Arabs who run certain countries practice it, is downright disdainful of women, and institutes laws to that effect.  To wit:

No “mixing” of the sexes at the mall. It’s understandable that this might be applicable to schools and perhaps locker rooms, but at the mall?  As it happens in Saudi Arabia the malls are reserved for families.  “Families” in that country means women, or men accompanied by a women.  Saudi men aren’t allowed in the malls by themselves.  (Actually, the same thing holds true at restaurants.  Men and women are in different lines.) This means the girls have to carry all their packages and purchases by themselves.

No public movie theaters.  Private companies do have movie theaters, but in the interest of the sexes not being allowed to “free mix” or consort outside of marriage or family, the authorities in Saudi Arabia decided movies just shouldn’t be allowed.

No sports and gyms for women.  Can’t have the girls getting strong enough to fight back, huh. Not that all of us are athletes, but not exercising isn’t good for anyone, especially wives who need to keep their childbirth muscles in shape.

No women working.  Well, not exactly.  Women do work in schools and as nurses, but when they work as check out clerks, they need to have their faces covered.  There are a few places that will hire women, but none of the lingere stores will.  They are staffed exclusively with men.  (Cannot imagine buying my next body stocking or pretty bra from a man.  No way, Jose.)

No free travel.  Women can travel, but not without permission, and most assuredly not before the age of 45.  Women younger than 45 must have permission from a male guardian, father or husband to travel.  Provisions are in place for men to allow for this, but young girls just can’t be trusted to maintain their morality.

No women drivers.  This, of course, makes women amazingly dependent on men for transportation any time it is needed.   All jokes about women drivers aside, it restricts women’s freedom…which, of course, is the point.

And then there’s….

No red on Valentine’s Day.  No red roses, no wearing red, no heart shaped boxes full of chocolate.  No.  Can’t have any reminders out there that non-Islamic holidays exist…especially the feast days of early Christian saints who were bishops in Rome and married people in prison commemorated by men actually expressing their love and appreciation for their ladies.

No other religions or gods, even the Christian God.  If Allah has no competition, the grip on the people via the religion is an easy no brainer.  Other faiths are not allowed any public airing.  For Christians, plenty of women are recognized and revered as examples of how to live the faith and love.  Women are treasured.  In Islam, women are not afforded that place in life.

No pork.  We knew this one.  All food must be “halal” and pork isn’t.  (Hence why all American airports should install a bacon stand on every concourse. Even girl’s mouths water at the aroma.)

No music SCHOOL.  Music itself is not Sharia, but to keep the ex-pats living on the Arabian peninsula happy, it is legal.  Teaching the art in school is not. Students must learn privately and attend concerts via the underground markets.  So, we Queens of the Night have to keep our high Fs to ourselves.

Of course, this is not a definitive list of the oppression of women in places like Saudi Arabia, and other Sunni Islam nations, but it should be enough to bring pause to the apologists for Islam.  The people who are not willing to speak the full truth about what young Arab and North African men did in Cologne on New Year’s Eve to women out minding their own business, tacitly are leading the victims to the sort of oppression outlined above.

Speaking for quite a number of women in the west, we’re not interested.  If we wanted to live the Saudi lifestyle, we’d move there.

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