Your Tax Dollars Paid For It: Studying Satisfaction Of Young Gay Men


It’s being done all in the name of preventing HIV infection.  Dr. Renata Arrington-Sanders of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has been chipping away at a $410,625 National Institutes of Health grant meant to study the decision making of young African-American same sex attracted men.  Oh, and the satisfaction of their first experience, too.

“Prior work has demonstrated that same-sex relationship trajectories support the development of self-esteem in young gay and bisexual men, while opposite same-sex relationships may be associated with homonegativity,” a grant for the project, which began in 2012, states. “Little is known about the meaning and function of first same-sex experience in [African-American] AA adolescent men and whether satisfaction with first penetrative same-sex experience impacts sexual trajectories.”

Homonegativity…does that mean that the culture, in this case the African-American culture, does not approve of same sex attraction and the amorous physical contact associated with it?

“AA [men who have sex with men] MSM struggle with a sexual identity that is stigmatized in their communities, along with discrimination, and racism,” the grant continued. “As a result, first romantic and sexual experiences are likely to differ from other adolescent groups in ways that make them particularly vulnerable to HIV.”

It seems that due to the negative feedback in the African-American community, young, gay black men are seeking out older, more emotionally stable men for their sexual exploration.

While this is dangerous behavior for any person engaged in promescuity, the federal grant quoted above is all about the actual first act itself that these young men actually do, and subsequent partners chosen based on the satisfaction of the first experience.

According to the grant documentation, 45 young men are being interviewed in depth and there will also be an internet survey.  For $410,625.

“The lack of representativeness of AA adolescent males in studies focused on early same-sex sexual relationships contrasted with high rates of HIV in AA adolescent MSM suggests that this project fulfills a need to understand whether these early same-sex sexual experiences impact risk for HIV,” the grant said.

How exactly this will help prevent young, gay African-American males from contracting HIV is not mentioned, but Elizabeth Harrington of Washington Free Beacon says this about the primary researcher:

The study is meant to help the lead researcher, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Dr. Renata Arrington-Sanders, to become a “successful independent minority investigator” and a “rigorous behavioral scientist.”

Arrington-Sanders research focuses on “improving the sexual health of African American adolescent men who have sex with men and also HIV prevention community-based efforts and linking HIV-infected adolescents to care.”

Apparently encouraging the African-American community in their disapproval of homosexual sex and promescuity in order to prevent sexually transmitted disease infection is not part of the plan.

Funding for this project ends in 2016.

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