World Stands Against Radical Islam… World Doesn’t Stand With Obama!

imageColleen Huffard was murdered in Oklahoma because she was not Muslim. An Islamic terrorist decapitated her and the president said nothing. He released five Taliban terrorist from Cuba in exchange for a traitor by the name of Bergdahl. If Bergdahl were Christian he would have never come home. How many lives have been lost at the hands of these terrorist since their release? Now terrorist have struck again in Paris and once again our president has said nothing. While leaders throughout the world stand against radical Islam our president stands with Islam.

The American people were tricked into believing they were electing a black president who stood for hope and change. If this country had known what Obama stands for he would not have been elected. It is painfully clear to see that Obama stands with Islam and not the American people. If the attacks in Paris had been carried out by a Christian organization Air Force One would still be parked in Europe. Obama will take time to talk about Michael Brown but doesn’t mention the victims of Paris. I only hope the world knows that the American people stand against terror and all who support it. ISIS is Islam just like the terrorist in Paris were Islamic. The American people stand with anyone who stands up to terror. Our president will not stand against radical Islam therefore most Americans do not stand with Obama. God Bless America, and may He forever Bless this World… Semper Fi, Shep