Won’t Call Them Terrorist? Won’t Stand Against Them?? Because He Stands With Them!!!

image                                                     I am sick and tired of the president and his administration not calling these jihadist what they are. They are a bunch of cowards who think they are tough when pulling the trigger of a weapon while shooting those who are unarmed. Terrorist control with fear and they will not control our people with it. What they are doing is pissing us off and it’s beyond time that the cowards in Washington speak up. If Islam is loving and kind why isn’t anyone from this faith speaking out. Why aren’t there any Muslims to include our president condemning this hate. Well, if the president won’t speak out, please allow me! Someone please tell ISIS and all organizations of terror this country is not afraid of them. This is a country where all men and women are created equal because God loves everyone the same.


We don’t beat our women and have zero tolerance for anyone who puts their hands on a child. We don’t live by Sharia and if you don’t like the constitution that’s just to freaking bad. We live in a country where the people fight back and having a gun to do so is our right. The president won’t say the word Islamic terrorist, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of what is going on. We are tired of Washington trying to insult our intelligence. So here is a warning for any jihadist who thinks they can control anyone here with fear. We are not afraid of you and you should all stop mistaking our kindness as weakness. If you aren’t happy with your lives over there what makes you think we will allow your misery to live here. I pray for each of you in the hopes that you will allow your children to live. I pray for Washington to grow some balls and stand up to terror instead of ignoring it while hoping it will go away. If Islam doesn’t like being insulted then tell their people to stop insulting it. God bless America and all that each of you love, Shep