Women of The VIEW Mock Miss Colorado RN for Having a Stethoscope! Flight Nurse FIRES BACK HARD!

Women of The View Mock Miss Colorado RN for having a Stethoscope.


“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” asked the world’s most ignorant and ugliest liberal on tv: Joy Behar. 

“The women of “The View” had fun mocking some of the Miss America contestants on Monday, but their condemnation of Miss Colorado has sparked outrage in the nursing community.

Instead of singing for the talent portion of Sunday’s beauty pageant, Kelley Johnson from Windsor, Colorado, walked out on stage in her nurse’s scrubs and delivered a unique monologue detailing her experiences in the medical profession with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient.

While it sparked sympathy with many viewers of the ABC competition, the following morning Michelle Collins, Joy Behar, Raven-Symoné and Paula Faris mocked her performance.” –MSN.COM


VideoSource via Kathryn West

Flight Nurse Brittany Ashley who holds both a Registered Nurse license and a EMT-Paramedic license facebooked a picture of herself while on the job with this hard hitting message of reality to the Hollywood Elite snobs whose entire existence is a complete detach from reality:



The whole Nursing Community has been on the Defense and been uniting online in a rally against the fools of the View, starting hashtag movements such as #NursesUnite to put the heat on Joy Behar, the co-hosts of the view, and hopefully the producers and network execs who thus far have had nothing to say on the controversy of their empty headed pop news commentators.

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Let’s set the record straight for Miss Joy Behar and the ignoramuses of the VIEW! Speaking as a licensed full time Paramedic on the road, I can tell you Miss Behar that there exists NO SUCH THING as a “DOCTOR STETHOSCOPE”. Standby while I school you in your stupidity: Nurses, Doctors, Physician Assistant’s, Paramedics, EMT’s, Medical First Responders, CNAs, and even Medical Assistants all use: Stethoscopes for auscultation of Lung Sounds to determine everything from pneumonia, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, to pulmonary edema, bronchospasms, airway obstructions, endotrachael tube placement confirmation, pulmonary embolisms, and pneumothoraxes. We listen for rales, ronchi, crackles, wheezes, stridor, heart tones, etc…These are all very big words that I’M SURE Miss Behar, being the expert in medicine you are; you are all too well aware of! BUT I’m not a Doctor. I just get paid McDonald’s Manager wage to provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support care to anyone and everyone that calls for my help, including potentially the lives of your grandchildren or parents. When those harrowing moments come to you and you dial 911 I’ll be damn surprised if you call your visiting home physician to ride in on a horse and buggy to your rescue. On behalf of the ENTIRE medical community: Nurses, Paramedics, EMTs, and Doctors we demand you admit you were talking out of your ass. Apologies are meaningless, simply confess you were an ignorant fool and that will suffice for most of us….that is if your ego isn’t as big as your mouth. –American Godfather Screenshot_2015-09-16-18-48-06-1 Screenshot_2015-09-16-18-47-57-1 Screenshot_2015-09-16-18-47-48-1 Screenshot_2015-09-16-18-47-41-1 Screenshot_2015-09-16-18-47-38-1