Why Do Young Islamic Men Turn To ISIS? Sex, Of Course

Isis sex

When it comes to why people of all faiths in the west are turning to an Islamic terrorist group for all their needs to be met, one British ex-muslim thinks he has it figured out.  See, for the strict, conservative muslim growing up in the sexualized west (British women are pretty provocative sometimes to get men’s attention) feeling all the normal urges associated with being a young adult and not being able to do anything about it is…frustrating.  From the Daily Mail:

In ‘Exposure – Jihad – A British Story’, which aired on ITV on Monday night, [Alyas Karmani] said young people struggle to turn to their families to talk about their sexual urges in typically conservative Muslim communities.

He said: ‘This is all about sex… These guys just want girls. That’s it.

‘[My wife] said you can’t say that because you’ll get really lambasted for it, but guys do things for girls – and that’s it.

‘I’m there with my gun – which is more or less a penis extension… it is out there, ‘look at me, I got my gear on’ [sic]

Okay, there’s probably something to that.  Gun as penis extension rather than tool of self defense…sure.  An AK-47 as opposed to a Porsche, or if you own the Dallas Cowboys, that huge phallic symbol of a stadium.   Men do like their fake penises.

‘Because if you grow up and you are brought up with this value that you cannot have sex before marriage, that you cannot have a girlfriend, that you cannot be in anyway… this is something that is very big haram (sinful), a very big prohibition for an individual and you are growing up in a sexualised society, there’s a real sense of hate that you have that ‘I can’t do this’.’

Well…see, technically Christians aren’t supposed to do the pre-marriage dance with no pants, either.  But, we have an advantage in that Jesus is most forgiving of sins of the flesh.  He is fully Divine, but also fully human, so He understands the frustration and temptation involved.  Allah may not be.

But, as has been noted for quite a while now, ISIS fighters are guaranteed a wife.  Most of the time, that means there will be sex involved.  So, to lure fighters willing to die for their 72 virgins, ISIS promises the human virgins sex…with girls and women who many times are kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder and subjected to unspeakable and degrading acts.

How’s that for a trade?

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