Whining Muslims “Feel Alienated” When School Board Won’t Bow And Scrape

Jersey City muslim

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So in the latest edition of “we will complain and piss and moan until we get our way,” a group of muslims in Jersey City took a request for the schools to close on Eid al-Adha, an important holiday in the Islamic calendar, to the local Board of Education, and to put it mildly, got denied.  That was when all hell broke loose.

At least one person was seen on video being escorted from the meeting.

“We feel alienated from the Board of Education, we feel alienated from this system,” Omar Abouelkhair told WNBC-TV.

“We’re going to be the majority soon,” another said.

But board member Gerald Lyons suggested there is a perfectly valid reason for having school on Thursday, telling residents that closing school with just six days’ notice would cause “undue hardship” for 5,000 to 10,000 parents who might not have anywhere else to send their kids.

While, yes, there are religious holidays that all faiths need to have off, in Judaism Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and in Christianity Christmas in particular (Catholics have three others that really we’re supposed to be celebrating all day long, not just going to Mass before or after work), there’s no need to put out thousands of people because a handful will be missing class.  The kids can always have an excused absence for religious reasons.

Alienation from the school board is nothing new in the United States.  If anyone is going to live here, get used to it or send the kids to private school.  This writer’s parents spent a small fortune sending us to parochial schools and didn’t have to deal with the school board.  That’s the way it’s done here, not demanding one’s way simply because one ethnic group thinks that they will be the majority sooner or later.  (That’s a lot of reproducing and emigration that needs to happen.)

One thing that does need to be mentioned, though, is the sheer number of people who are in the pictures of the school board meeting.  They do seem to bring a posse when they go to beat their sentiments over the natives’ heads.

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