What is Happening to America? Is our Country Doomed?

What is Happening to America?

Is Our Country Doomed? 

By American Godfather

No! What are you talking about? Show me how our country is doomed! You are just fear-mongoring! These are just scare tactics of Right Wing Nuts! Tea bagging radical! Domestic Terrorist! Bigot! Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Intolerant! Transphobic! White Privilege! Close Minded! Ignorant! Gun Nut!

This is the Left’s response to any hint at a notion that things in this country are clearly, completely, and utterly beyond ƒÜ¢Κ∃D up! When we as Patriots encounter these conversations we are left dumbfounded. Our faces droop to one side in astonishment as we stroke out right before them. We are left with no reply! We begin debating in our minds whether the person we are speaking to has a legitimate mental illness ..or have they just been swearing allegiance to a cult unbeknownst to us. There really seems to be no alternate rational explanation we can even conclude!

Of course the nation is doomed! Our society is doomed! Our culture is broken! Our lawmaker’s are corrupt! Our political leaders are debased. Crony corporatism is rampant! Society is growing increasingly dumb, dependent, and deranged! Normality and civility have become relics of the past! Traditional American values and societal norms have become the enemy! Freedom of speech is censored! Independent thought is not tolerated! It is scorned! Hate and intolerance are encouraged, in the very name of defeating a completely phantom hate and intolerance in society! Cultural division is on the brink of civil war. Government growth is on the verge of a Revolution.

Where do we even begin? How do these people not see what is going on?

What do we even make of it? Do we even care? We then find ourselves thinking: nah…why bother engaging. You can’t argue with fools. And then we tell ourselves we don’t care, move along. But do we not care? Do we not care that these people are part of a culture accepting and facilitating societal acclimation to the decline of our Nation? Do we not care about the hypnotic influence of an acclimated culture our children will be raised in, having never known what it meant to live in an America not daily ƒÜ¢Κ∃D up? We think it’s bad now? What about when a whole new generation of Americans grow up acclimated to the new American norm of a broken society? [Conclusion Below]


So what is the solution? Everyone wants a solution. We know we don’t need convincing and we know convincing the blind and indoctrinated propaganda puppets is a futile waste of time. First we have to rule out what it isn’t. The solution isn’t through a debate. It isn’t through discussion. It isn’t through a candidate. It isn’t through a program. It isn’t through government. It isn’t even through loss of government. This is a hard bullet to bite for the Patriot, but the solution isn’t even through a Revolution. Let’s say a Second Revolution is fought and won tomorrow. Let’s say we completely restore our original system of government tomorrow. Our nation still has a single major root problem. Our culture is broken and lost! What America needs is both cultural and governmental Restoration! This is the only way to fix the underlying disease that has become Ameritopia. We need strong leadership, but we also need moral and principled leadership. Leadership that prioritizes both independence and selflessness. Does it seem like America is becoming more tragic everyday we wake? It is because we are becoming a secular nation with no underlying principles outside of our own. This is key to understanding a successful Restoration of America to revive her greatness; whether by Ballot or Bullet. –AmericanGodfather