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What Friendly Skies? Downed Airliner In Egypt Another Crisis Obama’s TSA Won’t Waste

A woman undergoes a pat-down during TSA security screening, Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

 AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

For the record, I’ve had to do this.

A few years back, a rather wealthy man this writer worked with said you her, “It’s no fun to fly anymore.”  Yeah, no $#@!.  Since September 11, 2001, when 19 SAUDI ARABIAN, for the most part, wacko suicide pilots flew jet liners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (there were other targets, too, and plans to hijack a whole lot more planes) the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been harassing the travelling public just because we let them.

And it’s not just that the public rolled over and played dead in the name of safety and security that is at issue here, it’s that every doggone time a plot was foiled or a plane actually blew up, MORE restrictions were imposed on the people.  Honest to goodness, this writer has stood in line and unpacked her carryon for the x-ray machines just so that the TSA dames won’t make her unpack it when it comes out the other side.

NOW, because some plane that originated in another country that may or may not have decent security screening blew up over a desert in the eastern Mediterranean basin, those of us who do still fly are facing the unthinkable: don’t bother to pack personal items other than clothes, shoes and a hairbrush.  Buying travel packs at the other end is a lot less of a hassle.  (Does Bare Minerals make one of those?)

Why?  Because unnamed officials are talking to the Washington Post and saying that additional security measures and “enhancements” are on the table for discussion.

“Obviously we could dial it all the way up and say you can’t bring anything at all in your carry-on, but that’s not workable, and it’s going to make everyone very angry,” the official said.

No kidding.  As it is, a lot of us have resorted to packing in ZipLock bags just to keep the TSA’s hands off of our toilet kits.  Due to the threat of lost luggage, this writer packs a little of everything in that carry-on, especially when going on a cruise.  People whose lives depend on prescription drugs put them in a carry-on.  Musicians won’t trust instruments worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cargo hold with good reason.  And NO ONE should EVER leave electronics in a suitcase.  But MORE security on top of what we have without profiling?  Come on.

It’s as if the powers that be want the public to quit flying.  (Not that I don’t like the train, but for more than 5 hours, it’s a bit much, AND you have to wait on freight traffic since AmTrak uses their tracks.)

Officially, the cause of the latest gigantic plane crash heard round the world has yet to be determined.  Theories are leaning toward a bomb in the cargo hold.  If that is the case, why is further restrictions on carry-on luggage even being considered?  It’s like the Obama Administration likes to see Americans standing in line in their stocking feet and getting half undressed just for fun.  Americans are not the most patient people anyway, but too much more of this and there will be riots.

To be fair, The Washington Post article DOES say that some security changes will be behind the scenes.  Being an international traveler, this writer sees no reason for the rest of the world not to follow Spain’s lead and saran wrap the heck out of luggage before it is checked, and then pass it through the x-ray machines and past the bomb sniffing dogs.  If there is reason, invade the luggage.  

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