[WATCH] You Won’t Believe What Teens Are Doing to Themselves

Watch this new, dangerous “game” among teens.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeNn2M1Sd90&w=854&h=510]




Young people have died and been seriously injured from the “Chubby Bunny,” “The Cinnamon Challenge,” and the “Fire Challenge.” Even “The Turkey Slurpee Challenge” left most choking and at risk of harm, according to Independent Journal Review.

The latest trend is called “The Cutting Challenge.” It involves teens cutting themselves and then posting an image of the results on social media. One would-be participant asked for “likes” first

The images, such as those shown in the above video, have left parents shocked and concerned.

What’s more, the same hashtag used for the “challenge” is also used by those in recovery or struggling with “cutting” issues.

The worry is that the “game” worsens people already struggling to stop self-mutilation and that self-mutilation is being introduced to teens as way of dealing with emotional problems.

LifeScript describes this malady this way:

Self-mutilation or self-injury is any form of self-harm inflicted on your body without the intent to commit suicide. Self-mutilation is a compulsive act that may be performed to release emotional pain, anger, or anxiety ; to rebel against authority; to flirt with risk-taking; or to feel in control. In some cases, the behavior is outside your emotional control and related to a neurological or metabolic disorder.

The behavior is not considered socially appropriate. It is also not part of a religious custom or a form of art.

For more information, read more at the LifeScript link above.

Tell us if you are worried about this trend?

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