[Watch] Valerie Jarrett On U.S. Non-Participation In Paris Arm Link “Parade”

Now that we know Barack Obama wasn’t informed about the Paris rally this past Sunday, his main advisor, Valerie Jarrett, chimed in via an interview on CNN regarding not participating, and leaving a gaping hole in foreign relations that is going to take some time to fill.

Take a listen.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6jNrOY3_0w]

Note the excessive use of the royal “we” and the justification for Eric Holder being in Paris and not showing his face.  According to one pundit, her words “need I remind you” can be translated to “the subject is closed.”  More interesting, though, is the “we certainly got the substance right.”  In who’s universe?  It was a massive slight to the people who we need in the fight against terror.  John Kerry being in Paris today does not make up for that.

But, still, Valerie has spoken.  This incident is over.

H/T – Ulsterman

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