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WATCH Turkish Soccer Fans Boo Minute Of Silence For Paris Victims

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Not all muslims are cut out of the same cloth, huh.  Well, that little maxim will be put to the test once the video below makes the rounds.

This past weekend and this week, all of the professional soccer leagues overseas are on hiatus for a round of “friendlies” where all the players get together with their national teams and play other countries.  This is a sorting out, as it were, prior to some other tournaments coming up, and to give the national teams a chance to see how they gel.  (Missing Manchester City and Crystal Palace already.)

Tuesday night in Istanbul – that’s in Turkey, an Islamic nation, even if it is billed as Islam-lite – Turkey was hosting Greece for a friendly, and a temporary burying of the hatchet between the nations’ leaders, when the requested minute of silence for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris before the game came along.  Listen to the crowd.

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In other nations, the shrill whistle is the equivalent of the American “BOOOOOOO.”  Reuters’ Ece Toksabay was at the match and had this to say:

Ece T at Greece Turkey match

The national teams of Turkey and Greece had not met before Tuesday in over eight years.  The game ended in a scoreless draw, but will be remembered not for the passing, goal keeping, or defense on the field.  It will be remembered for being the one game where a Christian nation visited a muslim one, and the muslim supporters of their nation did not share respect for the dead of a terrorist attack carried out by Islamist “extremists” as requested by the governing body of European soccer.  The players did, but not the sell-out crowd.

Some commenting on various boards are saying “this is what we are up against.”  Yes, and further proof that COEXIST will not happen so long as one component cheers the deaths of the others.  (It would be nice if some featherheads would get their brains out of the clouds on this.)

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