Watch Trey Gowdy The Prosecutor Go After Hillary Clinton

Trey gowdy

After this writer had to leave the house and go to a previous commitment for the evening (have to get the Christmas music ready for Midnight Mass), THIS happened.  The exchange all of conservative America had been waiting on.  (Grab some coffee, this is long.)

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For those who are not on Team Hillary, this, along with Rep. Susan Brooks’ discussion regarding the requests from Ambassador Christopher Stevens for additional security and Rep. Jim Jordan presenting the emails that demonstrate Hillary and the rest of the Obama gang knew that the video had nothing to do with the attack, was what we wanted to see.  It was also admission under oath of some of the contributors to a few felonies.  (Yes, the FBI was definitely watching.)

While that might be the case, and Gowdy got what he needed and the rest of us were highly entertained, from a political perspective to the low information voter and Team Hillary, she won the day for a simple reason: she survived.  Nine hours of testimony with ONE meal break, obvious exhaustion on her face, her voice cracking from overuse, the woman held up under the bright lights and told her story even if it wasn’t really true.  Unfortunately, THAT is what the people will see.

When it comes to the facts, there was a lot of weed navigating that puts ordinary Americans to sleep.  Yes, it is now on record, and that is a good thing, but if one wasn’t paying attention, the “smoking gun” was missed.  Yesterday, this writer gave her initial impressions to the readership, and will only add this: Hillary Clinton does not look like a person who can withstand the strain of the office of President of the United States.  Regardless of her politics, the day was exhausting for her.  Being president is a lot more stressful.

The other highlight of the day came from Rep. Gowdy as well.  His opening statements.  Watch them here.

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