WATCH Video Tells Decades Of Hillary Clinton’s Scandals

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If the subject of this video was anyone other than Hillary Clinton and her horndog consort, they’d be doing laundry at a Club Fed.  As it is, the career criminal who is running for president has a very public history of scandal in her dosier and, more or less, the leftest establishment is willing to ignore it just because they seem to think Bill Clinton’s wife has the best chance of beating a Republican in the general election.  Given the number of members in her core demographic saying “anyone but Hillary,” that’s a pretty big gamble.

However, there are still people out there who think the grifter is a “pretty smart lady,” as one elderly aunt used to put it, who have been duped into apologizing for her and wanting “some Bubba.”  For them, nothing but the stark reality of what these two have done, or have not done, over the last 23 years of public life will create enough shockwaves of cognitive dissonance to wake them out of their denial.

Thanks to a YouTube channel called “No Hillary in 2016,” there is now a comprehensive list of the main scandals attached to the Clintons complete with condemnations from other prominent Democrats that the people of the left still admire.  Watch:

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The full list of these scandals would produce a mind-numbing document if spelled out in print, but a 20 minute video…still mind numbing.  And these are just the MAIN scandals.  The little ones aren’t included.

One thing that is worth noting for all those who extol the virtues of Hillary: she has no record of achievement.  No major legislation passed, no foreign policy accomplishments as Secretary of State, did not get universal health care done as first lady…nothing tangible that says much about what sort of a leader she would be other than peddling influence to the highest bidder all while surrounding herself with shady characters, and a whole lot of partying.

None of this is new, but it is all compact in this report for easy reference. Anyone in a bind for reference material when refuting moonbats need look no farther.

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