Watch Susan Rice Try To Inflate Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments

Susan Rice

Some days you just have to wonder how low the American standard for achievement really is.  This week, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, she of the Benghazi talking points fame, appeared on Bloomberg ostensibly to talk about any number of things that she is up to these days.  What the Bloomberg guys asked her about Hillary Clinton, though, was what Hillary’s achievements were when she was Secretary of State.


For the reader’s convenience, here is the conservative opposition talking points cheat sheet:

  • All achievements of Hillary Clinton must be put in the context of the administration…so we can say she was part of the team that sought to wreck America.
  • She participated in everything done in the first term.  Does that include cheating to win a second term?
  • An end was put to two very expensive wars in the Middle East, which the Obama administration surrendered, truth be told, after the previous administration had won them.  And, really, we are still there since Obama pulled us out before the place was really stable.
  • “Rebalance to Asia” goes to Hillary as well.  Or as the other side thinks of it, giving away the store to China in a bad trade deal.
  • Fast track trade promotion…oh, wait, that was achieved in the second term.
  • She was involved with the signature initiatives – does that mean Hillary was in on ObamaCare?  Would make sense.  She tried to achieve cradle to grave health care when her, uh, husband was in Obama’s seat.  Makes sense that she would be in on it a second time.
  • Elevated role of development, for civil society, for women, for voices that have been left out, launched critical initiatives that have been lifesaving in the realm of health and food security…where?  Certainly not in the United States where the embers of a race war are being fanned from the White House, and the nation’s meat and poultry industries have been severely damaged by drought and disease, at least one of which could have been avoided with different decisions from leadership.

Seriously, Hillary Clinton’s “accomplishments” can be enumerated on a postage stamp.  And now she has Susan Rice carrying her water for her with the indelible stain of Benghazi on her own reputation.  God help us.

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