[Watch] State Department’s Jen Psaki Has No Idea Why We Left Cars And Weapons Behind In Yemen

Sometimes, we all just have to admit that the Obama Administration does not pay their spokespeople enough to face questions that really should go to someone else.  Take Jen Psaki, one of the spokeschicks at the State Department.  Given some past hot mic comments, she’s probably not as dumb as Marie Harf, her very blonde and very ditsy co-worker, but she’s the one standing in front of an increasingly hostile mainstream media and taking the flack for someone else.  Watch.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzWnKv9uDJQ&w=560&h=315]

One would expect that Psaki’s previous comments on the cars were of the effect that the embassy staff drove them to the airport in Yemen, and just left them there.  Matt Lee of the Associated Press has made a real name for himself in these State Department press briefings picking apart the absurdities coming from the kiddies who hopefully are getting psychiatric help after his questioning.  This is no exception, and he is right.  So is the reporter identified as “Justin.”

The reality is Jen Psaki was sent out to feed the sharks without all the details.  That is not just her failing, but that of those above her.  She is handling the strain of twisting in the wind better than some other spokespeople in the Obama Administration, but at this point, even Josh Earnest can’t quite spin convincingly.  These people aren’t being paid enough.

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