WATCH: Planned Parenthood Officials On Skirting Law, Avoiding The Spotlight On New CMP Video

Center for Medical Progress

Reverting to form, the people of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released their latest video on a Tuesday, the day before the CNN presidential debate.  Unlike some of the previous videos where images of specimens (dead babies) appear, and there are gut-wrenching stories of women screaming, and the post-traumatic stress inducing experiences of young women holding a baby for the only time, this video features a bunch of older women physicians and their discussions surrounding getting around “ridiculous” laws, and purposefully avoiding developing national policies surrounding the procurement and subsequent sale/reimbursement of dead baby body parts.

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“I think the American people know who Planned Parenthood is,” said one of its defenders when the videos from Center for Medical Progress began being published. Actually, it seems as though Americans are just getting their first clear look at the abortion-industry leader and the industry as a whole. ~Ed Morrissey

If there is any one take away from this particular video, the most cerebral of the lot given the talk around the abstract topic of breaking law without appearing to do so – rather than graphic discussion of actually changing the abortion procedure in order to extract intact babies – it is that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and national groups have gone out of their way to keep the entire fetal tissue procurement business out of the spotlight for a very long time.  So much so, that there are no written policies on how it all is to be done.

Vanessa Cullins, the Vice President of External Medical Affairs, seems fully aware of the criminal exposure that fetal body parts sales present to Planned Parenthood: “This is important. This could destroy your organization and us, if we don’t time those conversations correctly,” she tells a prospective buyer.

  • “Headlines would be a disaster.”
  • “It’s an issue that you might imagine we’re not really that comfortable talking about on email.”
  • “Obviously, we would have the potential for a huge P.R. issue in doing this.”

Yes, there is, as has been demonstrated in the last five weeks as one CMP video released after another has plainly told the story.  The last time this topic was raised at a national level, some fifteen years ago, there was a Congressional Hearing which these women very obviously do not want, but have already gotten in this go round (none of them had the decency to accept an invitation to testify).  There is obvious fear that the entire industry is going to be called out on skirting the law by couching language around the alteration of the abortion procedure, possibly even delivering babies alive, and then selling off the parts to the highest bidder for research.  Thanks to CMP, that has come to pass.

Kudos to CMP for their editing on this particular video.  The complete thoughts presented in long stretches is most impressive.  More on this at NewsBusters.

One interesting point that does come up in the video is that researchers are not looking for stem cells at this point. Could that line of scientific inquiry be drying up?  

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