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WATCH Paul Ryan On Greta – More Of The Same Or A Good Change

Paul Ryan on Greta

Speaker of the House of Representatives has to be the worst job in Washington.  Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin really didn’t want the honor, but his colleagues drafted him.  New speaker, new style, and Ryan definitely showed that on Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record show when he appeared for the first time since ascending to the position.

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In this first appearance, Ryan definitely impresses with a litany of things the Republican Party needs to accomplish, and what is realistic in relation to getting things done with Barack Obama waving the veto pen.  The people of the country might well be getting impatient with the way things are not working in Washington, but Ryan is right about one thing – without supermajorities in both houses of Congress and/or the White House, actually advancing the conservative agenda just is not going to happen.

For now, the jury is out on Mr. Ryan as Speaker.  We’ll see if he can keep the frogs from jumping out of the barrel.

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