WATCH: Mother of Officer Killed by an Illegal Alien has a FIERCE Message for Democrats!

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Mary Mendoza’s son was hit and killed by a drunk illegal alien.  She wrote two letters to  Obama about his radical agenda for amnesty and now has a message for Harry Reid. (Please view video.)

In her letters she demands acknowledgement from President Obama of the suffering Americans who are in similar situations.  Families who  are grieving  the loss of a family member or friend in similar cases to hers. Many of these murders are done at the hands of repeat, illegal offenders with multiple deportations and returns.

Silva-Corona, the murderer of Mrs. Mendoza’s son who was a police officer, was living in the United States illegally. He was convicted of crimes in Colorado two decades earlier but was not deported.

Mendoza said she feels Obama is ignoring the “thousands” of Americans who lost loved ones because of crimes committed by illegal immigrants and criticized the president for helping those here illegally by offering amnesty, but not addressing the concerns of U.S. citizens.

These are all senseless deaths.  Deaths that could of been avoided if Obama would do his job. If he’d STOP ignoring Americans who are being affected by illegal aliens.    Millions of them riding high on the taxpayer’s dime.  They take our jobs and work for peanuts which has taken away Americans’ pay raises and cost of living wage increases . American families are the  ones who are hurting, especially the low and middle classes.  Illegal aliens are getting everything for FREE!  Food, medical, Child tax credit, Education, cash assistance and they even get a free “crime spree”, leaving families like Marys’ without seeing their murdered loved one throughout their lives.  It’s horrible.

Obama screwed the Americans royally!  If we don’t get a Republican conservative as President this election, we are doomed!

We need a president that rules, “for the people, and by the people!”  One who abides by the Constitution of the United States. If that doesn’t happen, Americans are going to be treading water in a sea of polluted political powers where the riptide will drown us all.