[Watch] Moonbat Baltimore Rep: “Wealth Needs To Spread More”

Donna Edwards

You know any one American city is in trouble when a representative’s answer for solving the crises in urban schools is “wealth needs to spread more.”  But, that is exactly what Maryland Democratic Representative Donna Edwards told Chris Wallace yesterday.  Watch:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-cw_HGYpOM&w=420&h=315]

Just to review:

  • Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor in 50 years.
  • The violent crime rate in Baltimore is four times that of the national average.
  • Unemployment in the ghetto is 21%.
  • 72% of eighth graders score below proficient in math.
  • Somehow education is considered to be on par with economic development.
  • Baltimore spends the third highest amount per capita on public schools, and the mayor is asking the state for more.
  • The moonbats don’t seem to know where all that cash is going.  (Nor do they care.)

And liberal policies are not to blame.  No, no, they’ve been unevenly spread says the lady who wants to take Senator Barbara Mikulski’s seat.  We need more liberalism and we need it now.  It hasn’t failed us.

And we need new textbooks, because darn it, the ones in the schools are 20 years old.  (Seriously, where is all that money going?)  This writer is not an educator, but the child of one.  Her parent was known to lament that the older textbooks had better drills, and word problems.  To be honest, old textbooks were the norm in the Catholic schools I attended.  We couldn’t afford new ones every five years.  Especially in math, which, contrary to popular opinion, does not change.  (Dolciani in Algebra and Leithold for Calculus.  New editions may come out, but the basics are the same.)

Noah Rothman hit the nail on the head when he said a newly elected GOP governor offered the perfect straw man scapegoat for Baltimore liberals looking to displace blame for what 50 years of the welfare state has done to American cities.  Nope, the liberal truth is that the wealth just hasn’t been spread around evenly.  Doesn’t seem to matter where the money actually goes.


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