[Watch] Marie Harf Demonstrates Her Stupidity. Again

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Just in case you missed it, Wednesday, State Department spokeschick Marie Harf made a complete idiot of herself responding to the Associated Press’ Matt Lee.  (Matt Lee made a name for himself online and in the blogosphere for his verbal tussles with Harf’s mentor and former handler Jen Psaki who moved on to the White House and maternity leave.  Y’all should remember him.)

The topic of this discussion was the OpEd in The Wall Street Journal co-written by Dr. Henry Kissinger and George P. Shultz, both former Secretaries of State.  Their high-minded and upper level vocabulary incorporating piece regarded the hosing the State Department and the Obama Administration took from Iran in the nuclear deal that just doesn’t seem to be getting done.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCG88PTDWbU&w=560&h=315]

“Big words and big thoughts”?  David Brooks said it best: are we in nursery school?

 “I wouldn’t say that it’s damning,” Harf said of Kissinger and Shultz’s damning verdict on the Iran deal. “And I didn’t hear a lot of alternatives. I heard a lot of big words and big thoughts in that piece, and those are certainly – there’s a place for that – but I didn’t hear a lot of alternatives of what they would do differently.”

[insert head banging here]

Is she serious?  This is woman with a master’s degree in foreign affairs and she can’t articulate counter-criticism?  The critique in the Journal was beyond damning with a bite from two giants in diplomacy.  There should have been talking points worked out before she left her dressing table.

After yesterday’s solicitation for vendors to teach State Department personnel the art of negotiation, one would think it couldn’t get any worse.  Wrong.

P.s.  Marie, sweetheart, your roots need to be touched up.

More on this episode of how clueless are the State Department spokespeople at HotAir and American Thinker.

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