[Watch] Lt. Col. Ralph Peters On Democratic Demeanor Toward Netanyahu: “B!tchy High School GIrls”

Ralph Peters

For those who missed it live on Fox News last night (can’t remember if he was on Lou Dobbs or Cavuto), the man who warmed our hearts with the way to beat ISIS is to keep killing them until you get their pet goats, opined another classic on the Democrats and their behavior and demeanor toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his masterful speech which exposed the entourage as exactly what he calls them here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTCjxnZu6x8&w=560&h=315]

Beastmode indeed.  Seriously, I about fell off the chair.  Always knew there was too much estrogen in the White House.

In addition to that observation, Peters had this to say about Bibi’s speech:

“I thought Netanyahu’s speech was necessary,” he said. “It was masterful, it was cogent, it was honest, it was inspiring, and the Democrats in response, including the president, acted like snitty, bitchy high school girls.”…

“I thought it was pretty damn sad that the American people have to hear the truth from the prime minister of Israel about Islamist fanaticism and the struggles we’re seeing in the Middle East, and our president won’t even call Islamist terrorism Islamist terror,” Peters said.

Agreed, colonel, agreed.

Quotes courtesy of Washington Free Beacon


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