Watch-Lord Monckton Called It: Australia’s Tony Abbott Ousted Ahead Of UN Climate Meeting


Earlier this year, Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and tireless crusader on the cause of stopping the United Nations’ march to making global warming goals the law of the world, had this to say about the last remaining level-headed world leader when it comes to the whole global warming/climate change swindle:

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“First of all, you all need to guard tony Abbott’s back. Because the Turnbull faction, in conjunction with the UN, will be doing their absolute level best to remove your elected prime minister from office before the end of his term, and in particular before December 11 2015. So they can get a 100% wall to wall Marxist agreement, they do not want any standouts. And the most likely standout at the moment is Australia, god bless it.”

In one of the saddest days for non-Marxist government world-wide, on Monday, Malcolm Turnbull himself defeated Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott for leadership 54-44 in an internal Liberal party vote.  Abbott replaced Turnbull in 2009 in the same manner.  From the Irish Times:

In a late night media conference the new prime minister paid tribute to the man he had just replaced. “The burden of leadership is a very heavy one,” said Mr Turnbull. “The achievements of the government [Mr Abbot] led are formidable . . . I want to thank Tony very much indeed.”

Mr Turnbull said he was honoured by his elevation. “I’m very humbled by the great honour and responsibility that has been given to me today,” he said.

He alluded to Mr Abbott’s closed leadership style by saying things were going to change. “The culture of our leadership is going to be thoroughly consultative,” said Mr Turnbull.


Except that they are on opposite sides of some very important issues.  Mr. Turnbill is considered a small “l” liberal and Mr. Abbott a conservative.  However, that didn’t stop Turnbill from using big L rhetoric in his challenge speech:

When he announced his challenge at 4pm local time (7am Irish time) Mr Turnbull outlined how it had come to this. “There are few occasions that are entirely ideal for tough calls and tough decisions like this. The alternative if we were to wait and this issue, these problems were to roll on and on and on, is we will get no clear air.

“The fact is we are maybe 10 months, 11 months away from the next election. Every month lost is a month of lost opportunities. We have to make a change for our country’s sake, for the government’s sake, for the party’s sake,” he said.

Mr Turnbull said he was motivated by a commitment to serve the Australian people and he wants “to ensure that our Liberal values continue to be translated into good government, sound policies, economic confidence creating the jobs and the prosperity of the future”.

He said Australia’s economy was a strong motivation for his challenge. “The only way we can ensure that we remain a high wage, generous social welfare net, first-world society is if we have outstanding economic leadership, if we have strong business confidence.”

Not one word about climate change or global warming. Hmm.

Under Abbott the party’s popularity has suffered. With an election next year, there was a good chance that Australia’s labor party would be out of power.  However, as Lord Monckton predicted earlier this year, before that election happens, there is this big United Nations meeting to discuss man’s impact on the weather, and Turnbill is more likely than Abbott to sign away sovereignty of our fellow “child of the United Kingdom” in the name of the oceans not rising and the base temperature of the earth remaining the same…even if that’s really controlled by the sun.

At any rate, Lord Monckton called this one right.  God help us.

P.s. Elections don’t mean much in Australia, apparently.  The last Prime Minister to serve a full term was John Howard who lost in an actual election in 2007.

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